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Springwater Amish Workshop sells outdoor furniture pieces to Western New York residents that are built to last. It is designed and constructed to withstand any weather while retaining its shape and beauty. We know industry trends and our customers, so we can offer any outdoor furniture type that achieves form and function. Traditional Amish builders craft our items, ensuring they are of the highest quality in the region. Their construction process is a testament to providing the finest grade of products. We have outdoor furniture in various styles from wood, as well as items made with heavy-duty maintenance-free polymer polyvinyl.

Wooden Furniture Catalog

Poly Furniture Catalog
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Types of Furniture We Have Available

You can find a wide array of outdoor furniture and other outdoor items, including lighthouses, bird feeders, wishing wells, birdhouses, lawn bridges, windmills, and arbors. For more information about our outdoor furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 585-669-9710. Our selection of outdoor furniture includes the following options:

Lawn Items

Each piece of our lawn furniture and yard accessories was designed with quality, comfort, and appearance in mind. When you examine our furniture, you will see the highest quality materials, superior structural strength, smooth rounded edges, and appealing design. Springwater Amish Workshop is a small family-owned and operated business bringing to you products crafted by traditional Amish builders. All of our products are American-made, of the highest quality and service.

Wooden Furniture

All of our wood furniture is made from double kiln-dried, pressure-treated pine. The pine is grade 1 or 2 lumber, ready for stain, and made for exceptional durability. All hardware is rust-proof stainless steel and bearings are completely sealed.

Maintenance Free Poly Furniture

Our poly is high-density polyethylene that has no wood fibers, so unlike most other recycled lumber products, our material does not absorb moisture or chemicals. For this reason, our furniture is very easy to clean. Whatever grease or other materials are spilled on it remains on the surface and can easily be wiped off. The poly material is also protected by ultra-violet stabilizers, which defend against fading. Your furniture will look beautiful for years to come
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Hickory Furniture

Perfect for the porch, but can be used indoors as well, hickory furniture decorates your home in style. Our hickory furniture is pleasing to the eye and is sealed with a polyurethane clear coating that will preserve its beauty for years to come.

Lawn Decorations & Accessories

Along with our furniture, we also sell other outdoor items – lighthouses, wishing wells, windmills, lawn bridges, arbors, and much more!
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Unique & Useful Decorative Accessories for Sale

Find small, unique gifts that add value to your home at Springwater Amish Workshop. Our extensive variety of unique objects includes a broad range of hand-crafted items, from birdhouses and feeders to canes and walking sticks. Every item gets one-of-a-kind attention to detail, giving your property a unique extra touch. Consider adding a lighthouse or windmill to your lawn to add an extra dimension. Our inventory is continuously changing, so see what we have available today.

Proud to Serve Livingston County, NY & Beyond

Springwater Amish Workshop has rent-to-own options on our backyard buildings, gazebos and pavilions. Free delivery is available for our backyard buildings, pavilions, and gazebos within a 40 miles radius. We offer a 3% discount if you pay for a building, gazebo, or animal enclosure with cash or a check. We also accept credit cards, and there is no down payment on our high-quality buildings.

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