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Our Amish built buildings are among the finest built in the industry. Springwater Amish Workshop offers a variety of styles, several sizes and three different types of siding: Smart siding, pine board and batten or vinyl. When accessibility to the spot you want your building cannot be reached by our truck or our mule, or when you choose a building too large to be transported over the highway, our Amish builders will come to your location.

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Standard Buildings

Standard Buildings feature: Built on 4”x4” pressure treated skids; Floor joists 16” on center; 5/8” exterior plywood floor; sidewall frame 2”x4”s 16” on center; double top plated, Lifetime architectural shingles, windows with decorative shutters and screens, locks and keys, metal kick plates in doorways. Our standard smart-sided storage sheds have a 30-year warranty on the structure.

Smart Sided storage buildings and sheds are our best sellers and the least expensive siding option. Smart siding is an engineered wood product made from an epoxy composite using actual wood pieces – no wafer, chip, or particleboard is used in this process. Smart siding resists fungal rot & decay, repels termites, resists delamination & splitting, curbs warping and features a rich cedar grain texture, and has a 50-year warranty. Even after years of exposure, these painted buildings remain attractive and structurally sound.

Classic Series

Our Classic series is a more beautiful option for you to consider. Springwater Amish Workshop brings you the best there is in backyard structures. These are built with the same construction features as our standard buildings but enhanced with 12 inch overhang on all four sides, more decorative trim, z-shutters for windows, a double door with transom windows. These can be purchased with smart siding, board and batten or vinyl siding, your choice.
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Two Story Barns

Our two story barns include a 7’x7’ double door, a 3’ single door with transom, 2 windows with transom and shutters for downstairs, and two windows upstairs and a staircase to the second floor. These barns arrive at your prepared site and are set into place by the delivery crew. The roof structure is folded down for travel over the highways and sealed up against the weather. A few days after delivery, our Amish crews arrive on your site to raise the roof and seal it up against the weather.

Carolina Series (Economy Buildings)

We all have different purposes for our buildings as well as different budgets. Our Carolina series is as equally attractive and functional as our Standard Series, but also an economic choice. This series is a combination of affordable storage and quality craftsmanship. These buildings have Smart Siding exteriors (and the siding’s 50 year warranty applies), Lifetime architectural shingles, skids, floor joists, and floors are the same as the standard building. The Carolina series is constructed with the 2”x4” 24” on center sidewall frames, single top plated, windows are not included but can be added. The Carolina Series have a 15 year warranty on the structure.

Pine Board & Batten Buildings

These buildings are ideal if you prefer a natural look with strength, function, and beauty. Pine board and batten buildings work well as hunting cabins or storage spaces. Their standard features include a stainable or paintable traditional board and batten exterior, windows with shutters, and architectural shingles with a 3” overhang.

Vinyl Buildings

Our vinyl buildings are an ideal solution if you want a maintenance-free structure offering strength, style, durability, and long-lasting craftsmanship. We use high-quality double 4” Dutch lap vinyl siding in various colors and trims and back this building with a 30-year warranty. It is the best warranty you will find in the storage shed business.


Garages can be constructed in single or double wide models, or be built on site. Single wide garages arrive at your prepared site completely assembled ready for you to park your car in it. Double wide models will arrive in two sections in order to be transported over the highways. The two sections will be joined together after arrival at your site.

Our Amish built garages are built with the same quality craftsmanship as our standard buildings with 2”x4” 16” on center sidewall frame; double top plated, Lifetime architectural shingles, windows with decorative shutters and screens, locks and keys but with these additional features 9’x7’ overhead garage door, 36” pass door, Pressure treated flooring built on 12” on center floor joists.

You can have your garage built with a Smart Sided, Pine Board & Batten or vinyl exterior; your choice.

Greenhouses & Potting Sheds

Any of our buildings can be modified to serve as a greenhouse or potting shed, with a multitude of options to choose from. Add standard windows, transom windows, clear roof, rubber flooring, work benches and more to suit your needs.

Delivery & Setup

Our structures are constructed by Amish carpenters from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Buildings are shipped to our location in Springwater by truck ready for delivery to your location for your use. When your building arrives at Springwater Amish Workshop, we arrange delivery and setup at your home or business. You are responsible to prepare your site, and our delivery personnel will bring your superior quality, Amish made building to you. There is no additional charge for delivery up to a 40 mile radius from Springwater. We will deliver beyond the 40 mile radius for an additional fee.

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